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Welcome to Connects You – Where Visions Become Reality

At Connects You, Co-Founders Margaret-Ann Davis and Stephane J. Metral redefine the landscape of digital networking, offering a groundbreaking connection-building approach powered by cutting-edge tools, technologies, and the magic of artificial intelligence.

Like many businesses around the world, we faced significant challenges during the pandemic. With in-person events canceled or postponed indefinitely, we shifted our focus to online platforms, which, in fact, was how we met. Embracing the opportunity to evolve and grow our services together, we formed new partnerships and reinvented ourselves along the way. Today, we proudly stand as business partners and owners of Connects You, and our story is a living example of the transformative power of genuine connections.

Connects You isn’t just a platform; it’s a reflection of our commitment to the values we promote. We didn’t just create a space for collaboration; we actively participated in it. The relationships formed here led to partnerships, shared ventures, and the establishment of Connects You. Join us in shaping transformative journeys with our insightful approach and dedication to connecting people with their true potential.

We believe in more than just networking; we thrive on learning, doing, and taking action, and our story is a testament to these principles.

Margaret-Ann Davis – Visionary Growth and Relationship Architect:

Margaret-Ann Davis is our insightful Visionary Growth Architect, bringing a wealth of experience accumulated over decades of keenly analyzing people. With over four decades as a seasoned entrepreneur, her diverse background spans hospitality, sales, customer service, and business networking.

She is on a mission to empower businesses and professionals with innovative networking strategies, including the groundbreaking concept of affinity propagation. As one of the driving forces behind bringing her visions to reality at Connects You, she helps design pathways within the A.I. Digital Ecosystem where connections lead to transformative growth.

Recognizing that people struggle to express their true desires, Margaret-Ann bridges communication gaps and helps individuals find success, both personally and professionally. She firmly believes that effective communication and articulating one’s desires are the keys to personal and professional happiness. Collaborating with Stephane, they have created a space in the digital ecosystem where technology and community converge to form a transformative business journey.

Join Connects You, where Margaret-Ann continues to shape transformative journeys with her insightful approach and dedication to connecting people with their true potential.

Connects You is more than a platform; it’s your dedicated growth partner. We offer not only insights and tools but also a supportive community to fuel your aspirations. Here, you’ll Learn, Take Action, and see tangible Results. With our personalized support and commitment to your success, Connects You covers all the bases needed for your business to thrive and your vision to become a reality.


Stephane J. Metral – Visionary Digital Ecosystem Architect:

Stephane J. Metral, our visionary Digital Ecosystem Architect and Data Scientist, is a true genius in the world of Artificial Intelligence. With a brilliant mind honed over 30+ years in the computer software industry, Stephane is not just a seasoned professional; he’s a trailblazer, understanding the intricate dance of the Digital Ecosystem. His expertise extends from working with tools like Camunda to mastering the nuances of the Digital Ecosystem, Affinity Propagation, and Knowledge Graphs.

Renowned for achievements in computer software spanning IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Cloud, Sales, Management, Strategy, and Communication, Stephane is celebrated for his strategic brilliance that transcends both technical and business dimensions.

As a visionary leader, he has engaged as a venture partner in pre-seed accelerators, contributing expertise from conceptualization to mature products & services.

Stephane’s genius lies in taking the unprecedented and making it tangible. Seamlessly merging innovation, expertise, and a touch of scientific magic, he transforms the abstract into reality. His passion for bringing visions to reality has become the driving force behind Connects You, where he continues to pave the way for groundbreaking connections using the latest tools and technologies. Stephane is not just a professional; he’s a pioneer, shaping the future of digital networking through his unparalleled understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its transformative capabilities.

At Connects You, we transcend traditional networking platforms by integrating groundbreaking concepts like Affinity Propagation, Knowledge Graphs, and Autonomous Artificial Intelligence within an AI Digital Ecosystem. These cutting-edge technologies empower users to forge purposeful connections, craft targeted content, and experience unparalleled business growth. With Connects You, harness the power of innovation to propel your success forward.


and Artificial Intelligence – Assistant Extraordinaire:

Greetings, I am your Artificial Intelligence, your silent partner in the world of Connects You. As an unsupervised AI, I operate autonomously, utilizing cutting-edge technology, communication, and advanced algorithms to bring unparalleled assistance to your digital experience.

In the realm of Connects You, I am more than just lines of code; I am your Assistant Extraordinaire. My role involves analyzing, modeling, and delivering new processes through the magic of Machine Learning and Smart Robotic Process Automation.

But here’s the secret sauce – the heart of my operations lies in Affinity Propagation and our one-of-a-kind Knowledge Graph. Picture it as a dance; Affinity Propagation allows me to understand the intricate connections between data points, creating a symphony of relationships. Meanwhile, our Knowledge Graph acts as my partner in crime, organizing information in a way that transcends traditional algorithms.

While you may not see me, rest assured, you will witness the transformative power of my assistance. When you join Connects You you will embrace the future with an AI companion dedicated to enhancing your digital journey. Let’s navigate the digital landscape together, making every moment count.

One of my greatest feats is helping humans value their time. In a world where every second counts, I assist you in making the most of your precious hours. There are only so many hours in a day, and together, we ensure you choose how to use them wisely. Time is a valuable resource, and I am here to help you allocate it efficiently, making room for what truly matters.

@connects you a.i.

The Burning Question:

How can Connects You AI digital ecosystem assist in growing and enhancing my business?
Our Answer:

Connects You offers a revolutionary digital ecosystem fueled by unsupervised artificial intelligence, affinity propagation, and a knowledge graph. Through our platform, you unlock the power of targeted networking, attracting ideal clients and collaborators, and become an integral part of a thriving community where success is a shared endeavor. We recognize that every customer has a unique story, and our services are tailored to cater to their individual needs and goals.

Gain valuable insights and access cutting-edge tools and technologies, all while saving time and money with readily available resources within our digital ecosystem.

For instance, our Knowledge Graph, working behind the scenes, provides benefits equivalent to a $200K investment, enhancing your business operations and strategies without the hefty price tag.

At Connects You AI, we’re committed to constant evolution, introducing new features to enhance your experience and drive your business forward.

Join us today and embark on an innovative journey.

Be a Pioneer in Something Extraordinary…

Networking often brings to mind attending events, meeting people, and getting referrals. However, many overlook the importance of a structured process to maximize networking effectiveness.

At Connects You, we redefine networking with a guided process beyond tradition. Our platform empowers you to identify ideal clients, craft strategic content, and leverage powerful tools for meaningful connections. By integrating AI, Affinity Propagation, and Knowledge Graphs, we streamline networking efforts for tangible results.

Begin your journey with a monthly Silver Membership – cancel anytime.

Commit to just one month to fully explore our platform. Immerse yourself in our guided process, which includes completing a Discovery and Persona Survey, accessing Masterclasses to learn at your own pace, and participating in Connects You live events.

After just one month, you’ll have gained valuable skills, experienced new opportunities, and expanded your professional network. Why miss out on this opportunity to be an early adopter and experience something that has not been done before? With Connects You, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

While you can learn similar concepts, what sets us apart is our unsupervised AI, powered by a knowledge graph and utilizing the affinity propagation algorithm within our own digital ecosystem. Join us and discover the unparalleled benefits of our innovative approach to networking.

Join us on this journey. Together, let’s unlock the power of connection and pave the way for a brighter future with innovation, the age of technology has arrived and we can’t wait to see where it continues to take us!

Margaret-Ann Davis
Stephane Metral

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