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The 3 Key Persona Points Pitch

This three-step exercise helps you concisely communicate your essence and spark curiosity in others. It focuses on the core aspects that define your “persona” in a given context:

Who you are: Briefly state your identity, role, or expertise.
What you do: Highlight your key activities, skills, or contributions.
What you’re accountable for: Mention your goals, areas of responsibility, or impact

Why it works:

Clear and concise: It delivers essential information in a bite-sized format.
Memorable: The three-point structure aids recall and understanding.
Curiosity-sparking: It leaves the audience wanting to know more.
Adaptable: You can tailor it to different audiences and situations.


By using this “3 Key Persona Points” Pitch, you can confidently introduce yourself and leave a lasting impression, whether in networking situations, presentations, or even online introductions.

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How it works: Fill in the 12 fields with the asked information and click “Generate Text Sequence” . The AI module will create a sample of “# key persona points”.

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