The Business Role Clarifier: Uncover Your Business Identity

Who you are, What you do, and What you’re accountable for!

You’re going to love this!

The Business Role Clarifier is a 2 Step exercise (keep scrolling)

Step-1 Uncover your Business Identity.

Step-2 Comprehensive AI Analysis Report Briefing.

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In Step 1, generate data that will become your 30 second pitch, a secret weapon for introducing yourself in 30 seconds.
Ensure your audience instantly understands who you are, what you do, and what you are accountable for revealing the value you offer.  

The more thought and detail you put into your responses, the more relevant and impactful your results will be.
Yes you can generate more than once.
Remember to save this valuable information. Reference for profiles, online introductions, in chats!

Now complete Step 1,The Business Role Clarifier form below and “Generate Text Sequence”
then proceed to Step 2,(scroll down) you’re on the road to revealing YOU, and your Ideal Client.

The Business Role Clarifier

The Business Role Clarifier


Step 2: AI Analysis Generator

This comprehensiveConnects You AI Analysis Generator Report will provide clarity and strategic positioning. Reveal your brand identity, actions, and responsibilities, laying the foundation for effective strategies and equipping you with sufficient data to start leveraging your blogging efforts.

This 2-5 page PDF report condenses the key findings from the analysis on your brand positioning, product, and service. It focuses on your business profile and the potential customers you’d like to attract and need to engage with.

Our workflows are supervised by a team of vetted experts, while ChatGPT for example, is a general-purpose technology aimed at mass standardization, our system takes a different approach: hyper-customization.

Here’s how it works: our workflows are supervised by a team of vetted experts.

This means that the outcomes are individually adapted to each user, ensuring that you stand out as an individual.
We take into account factors such as tone, style specifications, and more, ensuring that your experience is tailored specifically to YOU and not crafted from a collective database like the large language model, such as ChatGPT.

Business Role Clarifier Report

Congratulations on completing the Survey and Submitting Report.
Well Done!

(please allow 5 – 10 business days to receive your detailed AI Analysis Report– (included in SILVER Membership)

Refine your positioning and connect with potential contacts and ideal clients. Gain a deep understanding of your business profile and uncover Affinities and Clusters for personalized success. With your refined business identity, dive into Blogging for Business with a strategy and make a powerful impact.

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