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Artificial Intelligence: My Hi-Tech Buddy

Hey fellow tech enthusiasts and friends, Margaret-Ann here, Let me introduce you to my hi-tech Buddy, Artificial Intelligence

I’ve been itching to share some insights into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and why I’m a big fan and hopefully ease any fears some people might have about AI and, for those of you who are inquisitive or investigating, show you why and how it’s become my reliable buddy in this always-changing digital universe.

What is Artificial Intelligence, Anyway?

Think of AI as that tech-savvy friend who always has your back.
It’s all about teaching machines to think and learn, just like us.
But the best part?
AI does it lightning-fast. It’s like having your very own digital assistant, ready to help with anything.

How AI Became My Go-To Helper

Well, AI has been around since the 1950s, quietly evolving into the helpful buddy it is today, and you are experiencing it too. From chatbots that could hold basic conversations to today’s AI that can recognize faces, understand languages, and even play games (better than I can :), well let’s face it, AI has quite the story to tell.

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Your HiTech Buddy

You might be surprised at how much AI has already made our lives easier.

Remember Siri or Alexa? Yep, that's AI.

  • They can learn your preferences and answer questions.
  • Have you ever had a conversation with them? It's pretty cool.

When I get personalized recommendations on Netflix or Amazon, AI is behind the scenes, analyzing my likes and dislikes to suggest the perfect shows or products. It might seem a bit spooky at first, like everyone's watching, but in reality, it saves us a ton of time by basically reading our minds, right?

And guess what? Even in my previous life working in the food industry, AI could have been a game-changer. It could have helped manage kitchen inventory efficiently, ensuring I always had the freshest ingredients, reducing waste and costs. It could have kept tabs on customer preferences, ensuring everyone had a great time. (I wish I had it back then, let me tell you!)

I'm all about building communities and relationships.

AI has made networking easier than ever.

Online platforms powered by AI help me connect with like-minded individuals, plan events, right down to organizing golf tournaments.

Remember those stacks of paper and endless hours we used to put into it? AI takes care of all that, no matter where I am.


With the pandemic pushing me toward remote work, I've embraced AI even more.

It's allowed me to live my dream, like spending summer by the lake while running my business.

AI makes remote work and event planning a breeze, letting me enjoy life to the fullest, as long as there's a WiFi connection and internet.

Speaking of work, that vision is now a reality.

I'm thrilled to introduce you to Connects You - a Digital Ecosystem where the magic of the Affinity Propagation Algorithm comes alive with a little help from my tech buddy AI.


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So remember, AI isn't here to take over; it's here to assist and enhance our lives. It's designed by us, for us, to make our experiences more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable. It's not going anywhere, so why not be curious? Join me in the near future for a brief information session and bring your questions. Governments are and will continue to put in regulations to ensure AI behaves responsibly, just as I believe people should behave responsibly. Change can be challenging, but isn't that how we progress?

Bottom line, I encourage you to welcome AI as a new best friend in this digital era. Embrace it, learn what it can do, be curious, and you'll discover a brighter, smarter future filled with endless possibilities.

Unlocking the Power of AI

Embracing AI is like unleashing a superpower for both individuals and businesses. AI is the wizard behind the curtain, making processes smarter, faster, and more efficient.
It helps businesses understand their customers better, personalize experiences, and make data-driven decisions.
For individuals, AI streamlines daily tasks, from personal assistants that manage schedules to smart recommendations for entertainment and shopping.
It’s the driving force behind innovation, and those who embrace it are at the forefront of a transformative wave that enhances productivity, creativity, and ultimately, success.

Having a Hi-Tech Buddy is a journey filled with unparalleled benefits that propel businesses and individuals into a future of endless possibilities.


A Journey Forward with AI: Embrace the Future Fearlessly

As we tread this exciting path, embracing the power of AI, it’s a moment to shed light on why this journey matters to me. It’s not just about a new way to be visible; it’s about connecting people like never before by harnessing the magic of the Affinity Propagation Algorithm.
Imagine saving your valuable time, honing in on the connections that truly matter, and building a vibrant, diverse community that is propelled through shared interests and genuine compatibility.
This is the vibrant diverse community I am excited about introducing, it’s a new way of doing things, it’s about blogging for affinity, sharing our stories, and getting to know each other— it’s about working with my Hi-Tech Buddy, it’s a Vision coming to Reality

It’s Connects You – a Digital Ecosystem where the magic of the Affinity Propagation Algorithm comes alive, and it’s been all possible with my Hi-Tech Buddy’s,

I want to express my profound gratitude to my business partner, Stephane Metral, whose wisdom has been a guiding light in my AI education. He’s shown me the tools, technologies, and endless possibilities that AI brings.
Together, we’ve learned, explored, and discovered that with the right team, even the grandest visions can become a reality.

So, I encourage you to embrace and move forward with excitement, not fear.

Now, I’m curious – did you realize you are already using AI?
It’s woven into the fabric of our daily lives, making everything smoother and more efficient. Whether you’re using a virtual assistant like Siri or enjoying personalized movie recommendations on streaming platforms, AI is quietly working its magic. Embracing AI means staying ahead of the curve and tapping into the incredible convenience it brings. So, let’s not only recognize the presence of AI but also explore how we can harness its potential to make our lives richer, more efficient, and filled with exciting possibilities.

Stay curious, my friends.

Your hi-tech buddy,

Looking forward to your comments, and learning how I can help you,

Margaret-Ann Davis
Co-Founder Connects You
Business Innovative Growth Catalyst
Empowering Businesses to Thrive through Collective Collaboration with Authentic Relationship-Building



Seasoned entrepreneur and Visionary Growth Architect with over four decades of diverse experience in hospitality, sales, and customer service. Co-Founder of Connects You, she is on a mission to empower businesses and professionals through innovative networking strategies, including the groundbreaking concept of affinity propagation. As one of the driving forces behind the scenes, she helps design visionary pathways within the A.I. Digital Ecosystem, ensuring every connection on Connects You leads to transformative growth. With a passion for authentic relationship-building, she invites individuals to join her on this journey, where cutting-edge technology meets the timeless power of genuine connections, shaping a future of collaboration and endless possibilities.

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